Sample Preparation and Characterisation Facility


Beamline users have open access to the SPC facility. They should contact directly the SPC in order to use the SPC’s resources during their visit (ex: protein purification, buffers preparation).

Requesting access to the SPC laboratory

  • Users should send a request to their local contact at least two weeks in advance. You should describe your experiment, the equipment requested, the time slot that you need, and if you need training for the requested instruments. Only users, which have been properly trained on the requested instruments, can use it on their own. The SPC will send you an email (cc: local contact) to confirm your booked time slot.
  • Complete the SPC safety briefing and examination before your visit though SMIS. Please go to the Safety tab and select “Standard Training”

The day of your visit

  • Users should meet the SPC Facility staff with their local contact at the start of the user visit so we can show you where to find the equipment that you requested and inform you about technical details.
  • We will assign you bench space in case you need to prepare your sample.
  • You will be given an access card to enter the laboratory.

Before leaving

  • Follow the procedure to clean the instruments that you used.
  • All used materials have to be disposed of properly.
  • Experimental data must be saved on an external hard drive or USB key.
  • Inform SPC Facility staff that you finished before you leave.
  • All material broken during the user experiment or missing items that can be linked to user access will be claimed from the users through their local contact.
  • The access card needs to be returned before departing.