Macromolecular Crystallography

Data backup

You can download your data by connecting to cerberus.embl-hamburg.de with your user credentials. Please notify your local contact in advance by e-mail and wait for a response to confirm that your account has been activated for download.

Please make sure you have enough disk space on your local machine, where you want to save the data.

Raw data

To start the synchronisation for raw data, type the following into your terminal window (in a location where you want to copy the data):

rsync -avr -e "ssh -p 22443" p3l-<user>@cerberus.embl-hamburg.de:/mnt/beegfs7/<P13/P14>/2023/p3l-<user>/<yyyy><mm><dd> ./

Processed data

To back up the processed data

rsync -avr -e "ssh -p 22443" p3l-<user>@cerberus.embl-hamburg.de:<yyyy><mm><dd> ./

To list the folder contents:

ssh-p 22443 p3l-<user>@cerberus.embl-hamburg.de ls <path to data>

The data from previous years are archived and will be made accessible upon request.

EMBL internal users

Please use the following command for raw data:

rsync -avr p3l-<user>@cerberus.embl-hamburg.de:/mnt/beegfs7/<P13/P14/PE2>/<yyyy>/p3l-<user>/<yyyy><mm><dd> ./ 

and for processed data: 

rsync -avr p3l-<user>@cerberus.embl-hamburg.de:<yyyy><mm><dd> ./

Enter your user account password when prompted.

This command will copy the entire folder with the date of your experiment. You can recover the path to your data from ISPyb or from MxCuBE during the data collection. Wherever the symbols <> are used in the path, please insert the identifier corresponding to your particular experiment, e.g. the , which is numeric user id in your image path, and which is the date of your experiment in e.g. 20180607. If you want to copy specific data sets only, please just add the corresponding string to the path, however, take care to copy both the processed and raw data folders for each data set.