Gross Group

Neural control of instinctive behaviour

Fellow Opportunities

Our group is participating in the EIPOD-LinC Fellowship Programme call for applications.

Collaborations that may be relevant to the call are listed below. Please contact Cornelius Gross to discuss your project ideas.

Collaborations and topics

  • Detlev Arendt, EMBL Heidelberg: evolution of instinctive behavior, hypothalamus evolution
  • Ole Kiehn, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: brainstem control of defense, escape behavior, sensory-motor circuit computation
  • Anna Kreshuk, EMBL Heidelberg: AI-based neuron classification and functional characterization, expansion microscopy and extracellular labeling for connectomics
  • Duda Kvitsiani, Univ Southern Illinois, USA: computational modeling of approach-avoidance behavior
  • Robert Prevedel, EMBL Heidelberg: in vivo calcium imaging of large neuronal ensembles, deep brain calcium and voltage imaging, approach-avoidance decision-making
  • Ewan Birney, EMBL-EBI: leveraging genetic and pharmacological data in human cohorts to explore brain control of social threat processing and risk for mood disorders
  • Claire Deo, EMBL Heidelberg: development of novel pharmacological tools for the selective manipulation of the social brain across species