Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers a range of flow cytometric techniques.


Flow Cytometry Core Facility Equipment 

The Flow Cytometers and Cell Sorters are maintained and managed by the staff of Flow Cytometry Core Facility. We provide training and assistance to users who wish to use any of the equipment listed below.

Flow Cytometers

BD LSRFortessa™

Equipped with five lasers (355, 405,488, 561, and 640nm) can detect up to 18 colors simultaneously and delivers the optimal sensitivity and resolution required for multicolor applications. The instrument is equipped with the High Throughput Sampler (HTS) to offer rapid and fully automated sample acquisition from 96 and 384-well plates. 

Cytek® Aurora

Unlike conventional cytometers, that use filter sets with defined wavelength ranges to identify single fluorochromes in individual detectors, the Aurora full spectral analyzer has the unique capability of measuring the entire emission spectra of the fluorescent dyes excited by the multiple lasers installed on the instrument.

The Aurora system has four lasers (405, 488, 561, and 640 nm excitation wavelengths), three scattering channels, and 48 fluorescent detectors.  The capture of the full spectrum enables the resolution of cells with high autofluorescence or low levels of expression of key biomarkers, regardless of assay complexity.

The instrument is equipped with a plater loader for 96-well plates with ease of use, low carryover, and minimal dead volume.

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Cell Sorters 

MoFlo XDP-Beckman Coulter ( 1 and 2)

The MoFlow XDPs are our high-speed workhorses that perform typical 4-way sorts and are specially optimized for sorting of small particles such as: nuclei. MoFlo sorters are coupled to powerful lasers highly flexible in terms of wavelength and laser power, making them suitable for detecting very dim signals from fluorescent proteins (exp. CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing).

We offer laser excitation choices ranging from 355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 514nm, 568nm, and 637nm, some of them with up to 1.5W of laser power.

BD FACSAria™ Fusion

This multicolor cell sorter is equipped with five lasers (355, 405, 488, 561, and 633nm) and 20 detectors to measure up to 18 colors simultaneously. The sorter is host into a Class II A2 biosafety cabinet, allowing the processing of BSL2 samples. Additionally is capable of performing index sorting, a valuable tool to establish the correlation between phenotype and gene expression of sorted cells.

The instrument is operated by the facility members and trained users (training under request) to provide out-of-hours sorts and complete flexibility for the researchers.