Boskovic Group

Mechanisms of embryonic gene regulation

Open positions

Joining the lab

Currently there are opportunities to join our research group as a PhD student, postdoctoral researcher, research assistant, or lab manager.

Applicants for postdoctoral positions

We seek talented postdoctoral researchers interested in developing original research projects aligned with our scientific objectives. Current projects range from mechanistic characterisation of paternal dietary effects in mice to single-embryo chromatin profiling and the role of protein dynamics in maintenance of cellular identity. To apply, please contact Ana by email and include your CV and a brief motivation letter outlining your background and future research interests. Experience with animal models, cell biology, genomics, and bioinformatics is beneficial. We encourage fellows to apply to the EMBL EIPOD programme, as well as external postdoctoral fellowship schemes (EMBO, Marie Curie, HFSP, etc.). International collaborations and interest in technology development are welcome.

Applicants for PhD positions

If you are motivated to work on cutting-edge, innovative research projects in an international setting, please apply through the EMBL International PhD Programme. Application deadlines are in April and October.