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A guide to MoBIE

A practical guide for the use of the MoBIE plugin

Resource overview

Modern electron microscopy (EM) and light microscopy (LM) produce massive amounts of images, which are then compiled into datasets to be later studied. The ability to visualise, explore and share these vast amounts of data both during and after the completion of a project was a challenge for the scientist working with them, so they developed MoBIE.

MoBIE (Multimodal Big Image Data Exploration) is an open-source framework for sharing and interactive browsing multi-modal cloud-hosted big image data. It works as a plugin for Fiji, which is an image-processing package. 

MoBIE enables life scientists to seamlessly access, explore and share their often massive microscopy data through all stages of the lifetime of a project in a convenient Fiji plugin.

In the classroom, MoBIE is a great tool to visualise real-life images interactively, engaging students in identifying different cellular structures and giving a lot of flexibility to the teacher to tailor what activities they would like to have with their class.

This guide was created to showcase the steps you need to follow to install and run MoBIE. The information in it is divided into two sections: “Setting up the working environment” and “Opening data for visualisation”. For your convenience, a few working examples are also provided.

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Topic area:  Cell biology

Type of resource: Guide

Age group:  16-19, 14-16

Contact: SEPE