EMBL welcomes undergraduate students of all disciplines in the natural sciences extending from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to medicine, informatics and engineering.

EMBL Lautenschläger Summer School

As Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences, EMBL performs cutting-edge fundamental research in molecular biology. EMBL fosters a unique international and interdisciplinary research environment, in which scientists with a wide range of backgrounds (biologists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, computational scientists, etc.) closely collaborate to develop innovative approaches and novel technologies to address important questions in biology.

The new EMBL Lautenschläger Summer School “Talents teach talents” builds on the strength of EMBL’s outstanding research portfolio and its long-standing expertise in the training of young scientists. This two-week programme will allow a selected group of undergraduate students from fields outside of biology (e.g. physics, engineering etc) to get a glimpse of modern day research in the life sciences.

The first edition will focus on the exciting possibilities of high-end imaging to contribute to new insights in a broad range of areas such as Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genome Biology and Neurobiology. The participating students will benefit from a well-balanced curriculum, which will include lectures by EMBL faculty and hands-on practicals and tutorials taught by EMBL PhD students.

The aim of the EMBL Lautenschläger Summer School is to inspire students from fields outside of biology (e.g. physics, engineering etc) to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD in life sciences while providing current EMBL PhD students with an opportunity to teach and share research experiences.

The EMBL Lautenschläger Summer School has been made possible thanks to a substantial gift by the Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung and further generous donations.

EMBL Lautenschläger Summer School 2019