EMBL welcomes undergraduate students of all disciplines in the natural sciences extending from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to medicine, informatics and engineering.

Visualising Life – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Biology

13-24 July 2020, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Our summer program, Visualising Life, introduces students to the dynamic interdisciplinary world of current biology research. Modern life science has benefitted tremendously from new technologies and concepts in physics, engineering and mathematics, while computer science has changed the way we can analyze and exploit data for new insights.

Are you eager to engage in these ideas and help shape the future of biology? Join us for exciting 2-week course at one of the leading biology research institutions in Europe.

Course aim

The program’s aim is to provide insightful and hands-on experience in current biology methods, such as building a high-speed microscope to image developing organisms, and using machine learning to extract insightful data from the resulting complex images. EMBL group leaders and PhD students will lead theoretical lectures, complemented by experimental practicals and stimulating discussion rounds. In addition, the program offers a myriad of social activities that foster a collaborative spirit, which is a hallmark of research at EMBL.

Target group

Our program targets advanced Bachelor and Master students from Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science searching for a graduate-level program (e.g. Master or PhD). Students should have a strong interest to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment and must be fluent in English. Previous knowledge of biology is beneficial, but not required.

Information for applicants in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

In order to reduce the impact and spread of the novel coronavirus, we have taken the difficult decision of cancelling the 2020 EMBL Lautenschlaeger Summer School.

Our aim is to organise the Summer School again in Summer 2021.

Please contact us should you have any questions or require further information.



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