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Szilárd Library

Access to scientific literature and resources

The Library was opened on the 20th November 1979 and it is named after the Hungarian-American scientist Leo Szilárd, who in part initiated the idea of EMBL.


Tijana Ilic

One EMBL Library

Starting from 1st of January 2024, Szilárd Library will expand the services to EMBL-EBI and EMBL Barcelona site, unifying services across all EMBL sites for the first time since its establishment in 1979.

Xanthippi Kakarani

Library exceptional closure

On Friday, November 24th, the library will be closed from 12:00 to 15:00 due to a special event organized by the Resource Development office. You can use Meeting Room B18 in ATC as an alternative workspace from 12:00 to 15:00.

Tijana Ilic

Neurodiversity – a new topic in our collection

October marks the ADHD Awareness Month at EMBL, supported by Mental Health Working Group and Staff Association. Szilárd Library provides new books on Neurodiversity and ADHD, suggested and generously supported by the EDI office.

Tijana Ilic

New in the collection (October 2023)

Topics on rethinking the theory of evolution, enzyme engineering, membrane-less organelles, extremophiles, objectivity in scientific illustration, epigenetic mechanisms.

Tijana Ilic

New in the collection (September 2023)

From microplastics and environment, theoretical biology, radiation biology, AFM, machine learning in bioinformatics to presentation design and ethics in biotechnology research ....