Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit

The MMPU is a joint venture between the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

Molecular Pediatric Oncology

Jan Korbel and Andreas Kulozik

MMPU Faculty collaborator: Martina Muckenthaler

Our research interest

Our group aims to unravel biological mechanisms that govern the transition from treatment sensitivity to treatment resistance in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.


T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) is an aggressive malignancy of thymocytes, which accounts for about 15% of paediatric ALL. A variety of genetic events affecting cellular processes, such as the cell cycle, differentiation, and survival, have been identified in T-ALL and result in developmental arrest, uncontrolled cell growth, and clonal expansion of T cells.

At the time of first diagnosis, most patients with T-ALL can be treated successfully, with long-term survival rates of approximately 80%. In stark contrast, in patients with T-ALL relapses, the disease is mostly treatment resistant with only a minority of patients surviving. This particularly poor prognosis of relapsed T-ALL also contrasts with relapsed precursor B-ALL, which, even at the time of relapse, can be eliminated in more than 50% of patients. Our group focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms governing the exquisite treatment sensitivity of relapsed T-ALL, aiming to eventually identify pathways that are targetable by novel treatment strategies. We have recently focused on genomic and epigenomic analyses (Richter-Pechańska et al., Blood Cancer J 2017; Richter-Pechańska et al., EMBO Mol Med 2018; Erarslan-Uysal et al., EMBO Mol Med 2020), and have more recently employed new technology for single-cell analyses of structural variants, developed in the Korbel group, to analyse primary leukaemia cells (Sanders et al., Nat Biotechnol 2020).


It is of particular biological interest, of medical relevance, and is our general thrust to unravel the mechanisms that govern the transition from treatment sensitivity to treatment resistance in this entity. As resistance typically initiates itself in small subclones of the clinical disease, it is essential to appreciate the molecular mechanisms against the background of the subclonal architecture of the leukaemia.

In our specific projects, we aim to understand patterns of somatic mosaicism at single-cell resolution. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) has been demonstrated to be insensitive towards subclonal structural variations (SVs), which escape detection unless they rise to a high clonal fraction. Our recently developed single-cell tri-channel processing (scTRIP) method enables the direct detection of SV mutational processes in single cells, and as such can be used to obtain insights into pathomechanisms acting in human tissues. scTRIP leverages strand-specific sequencing (Strand-seq) to computationally integrate read depth, DNA strand, and haplotype phase, in order to enable the scalable discovery of SVs in single cells, including copy-number variations, inversions, translocations, and complex DNA rearrangements such as chromothripsis events (Sanders et al., Nat Biotechnol 2020). In addition, we aim to uncover the epigenetic landscape of T-ALL relapses by using new single cell methodologies developed in the Korbel group.

Important publications

Differential Analysis of the Nuclear and the Cytoplasmic RNA Interactomes in Living Cells.
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Andreas Kulozik and Jan Korbel