Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit

The MMPU is a joint venture between the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

Chronic Pain and Homeostasis

Robert Prevedel, Theodore Alexandrov, Rohini Kuner and Jan Siemens

Our research interest

Homeostatic dysregulation is a cornerstone for diverse neural disorders, particularly for chronic pain, which is a major health problem worldwide. Our unit addresses key biological challenges in chronic pain and homeostasis, such as understanding metabolic mechanisms of chronic pain and homeostasis, and elucidating cellular circuits in the brain that are involved in these adaptive and maladaptive processes.

Our collaborative activities bridge the expertise in neurobiology (Siemens, Kuner) and cutting-edge molecular imaging and -omics techniques (Alexandrov, Prevedel).


Homeostatic mechanisms are key to fundamental body functions. The brain is not only a mastermind of homeostatic control, but also critically subject to homeostatic regulation. How key homeostatic functions, such as thermoregulation and basic metabolic pathways, are governed by the nervous system remains unclear.

Chronic pain remains a major health problem worldwide, which severely impacts on quality of life. Several forms of chronic pain involve structural and/or functional plasticity or maladaptation processes, which are related, at least in part, to homeostatic dysregulation. Understanding the molecular and circuit basis of maladaptive plasticity leading to chronic pain is critical for designing new therapeutic approaches.


Within our unit, we aim to combine our expertise on the analysis of experimental models (Siemens, Kuner) and molecular and cellular imaging technologies (Alexandrov, Prevedel) to address a number of key questions in chronic pain and homeostasis, while simultaneously further driving innovation and developments of advanced imaging techniques. We plan to study primarily transgenic mouse models, and wherever applicable to employ humanised systems, such as stem cell-derived peripheral and central human neurons or patient material. Cutting-edge technologies represented by the EMBL partners with respect to metabolomics and deep in vivo imaging of cellular circuits will enable us to derive biological insights on chronic pain and homeostatic dysregulation.

Specifically, our current and future work will focus on two themes:

  • Metabolic plasticity in chronic pain and homeostatic compensation and decompensation.
  • Imaging functional organisation and plasticity of brain circuits mediating chronic pain and thermoregulation.

Key project-related publications from the last years

Kuner Group

Neuron–astrocyte metabolic coupling facilitates spinal plasticity and maintenance of inflammatory pain
Sebastián Marty-Lombardi, Shiying Lu, Wojciech Ambroziak, Katrin Schrenk-Siemens, Jialin Wang, Anna A. DePaoli-Roach, Anna M. Hagenston, Hagen Wende, Anke Tappe-Theodor, Manuela Simonetti, Hilmar Bading, Jürgen G. Okun, Rohini Kuner, Thomas Fleming & Jan Siemens
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Prefrontal engrams of long-term fear memory perpetuate pain perception.
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Layer-specific pain relief pathways originating from primary motor cortex.
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Cholinergic basal forebrain nucleus of Meynert regulates chronic pain-like behavior via modulation of the prelimbic cortex.
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Newsroom UKHD May 25, 2022
Mit der Nervenregeneration kommt der chronische Schmerz

Neuropathic pain caused by miswiring and abnormal end organ targeting.
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Semaphorin 4C Plexin-B2 signaling in peripheral sensory neurons is pronociceptive in a model of inflammatory pain.
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Prevedel Group

High-resolution line-scan Brillouin microscopy for live imaging of mechanical properties during embryo development.
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Alexandrov Team

SpaceM reveals metabolic states of single cells.
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METASPACE: A community-populated knowledge base of spatial metabolomes in health and disease.
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Siemens Group

Diverging roles of TRPV1 and TRPM2 in warm-temperature detection
Muad Y. Abd El Hay, Gretel B. Kamm, Alejandro Tlaie & Jan Siemens
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Neuron–astrocyte metabolic coupling facilitates spinal plasticity and maintenance of inflammatory pain
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