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Cellular Tomography

Crossbeam 550

The Crossbeam 550 (focused ion beam-scanning electron microscope) from ZEISS allows data acquisition in 3 dimensions at isotropic nanometer voxel size. Samples from cells to tissues and organisms can be looked at with electron microscopic detail. Chemically fixed, high-pressure frozen and freeze-substituted as well as purely frozen samples can be analysed. On top of data production, the Crossbeam550 is also equipped to generate cryo-lamellae to be analysed further in a transmission electron microscope e.g. using tomography.

Unique features

  • Isotropic volume acquisition down to a few nm
  • Large 3D volume acquisition
  • Cryo lamella preparation

Important specifications

  • Detectors: InLens, EsB and Se
  • Quorum Cryo-SEM preparation system
  • ZEISS Atlas 5 software
High-pressure frozen and freeze substituted HeLa cell imaged at 5 nm voxel size with the Crossbeam 550.
Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL.
Zeiss Crossbeam 550. Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL.

Titan Krios G4

The Titan Krios G4 from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a 300 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM) with a three-condenser lens system. It features the latest technology for high-end single-particle and tomography data acquisition including a cold field emission gun (C-FEG), SelectrisX energy filter, Falcon 4 electron counting camera and volta phase plate. It’s configured for high-throughput automated single particle and tomography data acquisition.

Unique features

  • C-FEG electron source with narrow energy spread
  • State-of-the-art energy filter and electron counting camera
  • phase plate
  • Autoloader system for easy sample transfer between TFS TEMs

Important specifications

  • 300 kV C-FEG electron source
  • SelectrisX energy filter
  • Falcon 4EC direct electron detector
  • Volta phase plate
  • SerialEM software for tailored, automated data acquisition
Cryo-EM density map after 3D reconstruction with an atomic coordinate model fitted.
Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Titan Krios. Credit: Stuart Ingham/EMBL.