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User story: Cryo-ET to understand how enteroviruses replicate

Marie Sorin and Bina Kumari Singh of the Carlson Lab at University of Umeå in Sweden, spent one week at the EMBL IC performing cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) to study the replication process of enteroviruses, a group of viruses that includes poliovirus, coxsackievirus, and rhinovirus. This imaging technique allows scientists to visualise the structure and dynamics of these viruses at a molecular level, providing valuable insights into their replication mechanism and potential vulnerabilities for targeted therapies.

From left to right: Marie Sorin, Zhengyi Yang and Bina Kumari Singh examine the acquired cryo-ET data. Photo by EMBL PhotoLab/Massimo Del Prete.

Our Application Specialist, Zhengyi Yang, provided support to the users during their visit, assisting in the preparation of cryo-lamellae using FIB-milling and the acquisition of data through transmission electron microscopy (TEM) conducted under strict BioSafety Level 2 conditions.

This visit was made possible thanks to the Euro-Bioimaging infrastructure and funding from ISIDORe. For more information, you can access the full article here.