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iNEXT-Discovery CLEM and cryo Electron Tomography – Call for proposals!

Credit: Anna Steyer/EMBL.

Maximum intensity projection of Acantharia (plankton), plunge frozen and imaged with a high-end confocal microscope. Green: Acantharia; red: chlorophyll of symbionts (microalgae). Credits: Anna Steyer/EMBL 

iNEXT-Discovery is a four-year structural biology project funded from the European Commission Horizon 2020 scheme. It supports the scientific community with open access services in X-rays, NMR, macromolecular biophysics and cryo-EM that are provided by several leading European facilities including the EMBL Imaging Centre. Importantly, iNEXT-Discovery not only offers access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, but also stimulates expert support and guidance, to be able to help also non-experts to answer their scientific questions. 

To promote access to cutting-edge technologies, like correlated light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and cryo-electron tomography (ET), also among non-specialist researchers, iNEXT-Discovery has now opened a dedicated “CLEM and ET call for proposals”. In this call, researchers in need for CLEM or ET support are invited to submit short research proposals which iNEXT Discovery will discuss with the EM-facilities involved. After peer-review by external specialists and approval, the facility access for these projects is essentially free of costs for you. So, in case you have a suitable biological system and research question, visit the iNEXT Discovery homepage here and register.

For other EM-Facilities the deadline for applications is 15 July, 2022, while at the EMBL Imaging Centre we offer CLEM and ET services as part of our portfolio all year around. After 15 July, please click here to send your proposal directly to us.