Courses and Conferences

EMBL Courses and Conferences are a major European platform for sharing and expanding research, knowledge and contacts through face-to-face and virtual interaction

Virtual participation

  • Please do not share the link to the course or conference platform with anyone else or broadcast the event to unregistered participants
  • You are encouraged to tweet and post about the event
  • Tweet unless the speaker specifically says otherwise,  but be mindful of unpublished data 
  • Additional information can be found in our Code of Conduct.

Health and well-being

It is important to stay healthy and move around, especially when you are attending an event virtually. We have put together a few coffee break stretches and yoga videos for conferences. You can find these under ‘resources’ on the conference platform.

How to ask questions

Please use the Q&A function. It is possible to send a direct message to participants and speakers within the conference platform.

If you have any other questions, you can go to the help desk on the conference platform. Click on ‘more’ on the top menu and click help desk. 

Time zone

The programme is planned based on Central European Summer Time (CEST) unless otherwise stated. Please take your time zone into consideration when planning your attendance. Remember to set your time zone in your account. 

Virtual event platforms

We are using a virtual event platform for this conference. More information about the platform will be shared ahead of the conference.