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Synthetic biology in action: Beyond standard metabolism


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Course Overview

Synthetic Biology (SynBio) has become a rapidly developing area for tackling a large number of challenges in life science research. This course will provide the best and most exciting novelties in the field and focus on exploiting tools and concepts of SynBio for multi-scale engineering of bacterial systems.


The course is directed to PhD students and early post-doctoral researchers active in the areas of molecular microbiology, bacterial biotechnology, systems biology and bioengineering.


The program consists of practicals with two daily lectures on some of the hottest topics in bacterial SynBio, including:

  • Genome engineering (incl. CRISPR and MAGE)
  • RNA tools for system-wide control
  • Rational strain design for manufacturing
  • Genome recoding
  • Implementation of evolutionary strategies in SynBio

The practicals will focus on bacteria, while the lectures will encompass a suite of topics in contemporary synthetic biology.

Learning Outcomes

The participants will learn about the design and workflow of Synthetic Biology studies and gain understanding about the possibilities and limitations of synthetic biology in different areas.

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Yvonne Yeboah

Training Laboratory Manager

EMBL Heidelberg



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Date: 11 - 18 Sep 2022

Location: EMBL Heidelberg


  • Sven Panke
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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