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The complex life of RNA


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Conference Overview

Before the genetic information stored in DNA can be used to direct cell growth and metabolism, it has to be transferred into RNA. Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) that code for proteins and noncoding RNAs are key components in the transmission of genetic information in all life forms – from viruses to complex mammalian organisms. Exciting recent findings now reveal a new layer of information added to RNAs in the form of chemical marks (the epitranscriptome) that play a critical role in gene expression control.

Following the great success of the virtual 2020 edition of this long-standing symposium, we are looking forward to returning to an in-person meeting for 2022, bringing together leaders in the RNA field, post-docs and students, with the aim of disseminating and discussing the most recent results. The program will include, among others, sessions on transcription, RNA processing and modification, mRNA export and localisation, mRNA surveillance and decay, translation and the control of mRNA expression by microRNAs.

Session Topics

  • Transcription
  • RNA processing
  • Export and localisation
  • mRNA surveillance and decay
  • Translation and the control of mRNA expression by microRNAs
  • RNA modifications
  • Non-coding RNAs

What Past Participants Say about the Symposium

“The Complex Life of RNA is the key event in RNA biology. It is incredibly difficult to represent this complex area of knowledge, but the organisers succeeded in decomposing the complexity!” – Alexey Moskovtsev, Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology, Moscow, Russia

“Mind blowing science fresh from the bench and presented by top experts – a truly rewarding experience!” – Peer Staehler, BASF New Business GmbH, Germany

“While I was at The Complex Life RNA symposium held at EMBL, I was able to present my work as a poster to several researchers. One such researcher from Norway got interested in my work and offered to host me for a short term in his lab to enhance my current project. After several correspondences, I was able to design a project that could also potentially start a collaboration between my home lab in India and his lab in Norway. I applied for the EMBO-STF fellowship and I was successful in securing this grant for my visit to Norway. So, I believe, attending this conference was a great boost for my scientific career.” – Preeti Kute, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, India


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Date: 12 - 15 Oct 2022

Location: EMBL Heidelberg


  • Anne Ephrussi
    EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

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