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Our mission is to train scientists. This blog is a platform for us to share updates on our annual programme, tips and tricks for scientists, new e-learning opportunities, and sometimes just something to make you smile.

The EMBL Course and Conference Office was established in 1983 to support EMBL scientists in the organisation of conferences, medium-sized workshops, practical courses, EMBL internal and one-off events. 
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EMBL-EBI Training joins LinkedIn

EMBL-EBI Training now has its own showcase page on the popular social network. Join us on LinkedIn! We’ve been exploring ways to increase our reach across social networks, and let even more people know about the portfolio of training available from EMBL-EBI Training: the home of world-class…

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Competency-based training in bioinformatics

This article was written by Victoria Hill, Chemistry PhD student at the University of Sheffield. Recently, EMBL-EBI, in collaboration with a number of our EU project partners, launched the Competency Hub. This is a free platform where students and professionals can evaluate their abilities against…

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What’s new in EMBL-EBI on-demand training

What’s new for EMBL-EBI training: June 2022 At EMBL-EBI training we have a dedicated on-demand library of free to access training courses, materials, and recordings. Read on to see what each section of our 200+ strong catalogue entails. Training materials We’ve all had our fair share of…

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EMBL-EBI Training website: one year on

Author: Anna Swan, Scientific Training Officer, e-learning at EMBL-EBI. In February 2021, we launched the new EMBL-EBI Training website. Read more about that in our previous blog post. Since then we’ve had over 600,000 visitors from around the world using the site to discover our live…

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Meet the trainer: Isidro Cortes Ciriano

We sat down with Isidro Cortes Ciriano to discuss his involvement with the upcoming EMBL-EBI Cancer genomics course, and find out what training means to him.  Cancer genomics | 20 – 24 June 2022 | Hinxton, UK Hi Isidro! Tell us a bit about yourself for those that don’t…

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Meet the EMBL Events Team: Sophie

Meet the newest member of the EMBL-EBI training team, Sophie Spencer. She joined the team in October 2021 with a focus on the on-site and virtual training programme. We sat down with Sophie to get to know her and find out about some of the other career paths she could have taken. Welcome to the…

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EMBL-EBI Training – one year of virtual courses

A year ago today, we kicked off our first virtual course; Starting single cell RNA-seq analysis. This course was originally planned to take place onsite at EMBL-EBI Hinxton however, due to the pandemic we swiftly had to move this to virtual. Little did we know that virtual courses…

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Bioinformatics for Biobusiness: make biodata work for you

This year EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) is teaming up with Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) on 22nd April to deliver an exciting new SME forum: Bioinformatics for Biobusiness (B4BB). This virtual event will promote the power of bioinformatics in driving success across the…

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Join EMBL-EBI training at our Wednesday Webinars!

If you’re looking for bite-sized learning opportunities delivered by EMBL-EBI experts, then our regular series of webinars might be just what you are looking for! EMBL-EBI’s Training team has been running a series of webinars since 2013, featuring speakers from across EMBL and beyond. Over the…