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Oral Histories

As part of its regular activities, the EMBL Archive collects personal testimonies from past and current EMBL staff, as well as other individuals, creating a comprehensive collection of first-person interviews that provide insights into EMBL as a European scientific institution.

These interviews are primarily conducted by the EMBL Archivist and Records Manager, but also by other EMBL staff members. For example, Janet Thornton’s interview was conducted by Marc Green, EMBL-EBI’s first Head of Administration.

Additionally, Russ Hodge, Public Information Officer at EMBL in the 2000s, conducted a series of interviews for the EIROforum teaching kit on malaria.

See the full Oral Histories collection here

Featured collections 

Jacques Dubochet, 2016

Edith Heard, 2018

Matthias Hentze, 2002

Nadia Rosenthal, 2017

Janet Thornton, 2018

Eric Wieschaus, 2017

If you would like to take part in the Oral Histories programme, please contact the EMBL Archives and Records Manager.