Annual Report 2021

A year of exceptional life science research, training, service, industry collaboration, and integration of European life science research.

​​Training powered by corporate support

EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme continues its role as a nexus for research, services, training communities, and industry.

In 2021, CPP provided funding for 22 courses and conferences. Credit: Yvonne Yeboah/EMBL

The number of EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme (CPP) members continues to grow. In 2021, Resolve Biosciences signed an agreement to join the programme in 2022. 

CPP members support the brightest minds in molecular biology with fellowships for early-career scientists to attend EMBL courses and conferences.

As a result of this support, 363 people from 62 countries benefited from EMBL training in 2021.

Additionally, contributions from corporate partners helped to enable important courses and conferences to take place. In 2021, it provided funding for 22 courses and conferences. 

“This continues to build on the success of the past decade whereby the Corporate Partnership Programme has provided almost 3,000 people with the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge at almost 400 courses and conferences,” said Jonathan Rothblatt, EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme Manager.

“EMBL is world-renowned for its excellence and ongoing commitment to identifying, supporting, and training the next generation of scientists. Resolve Biosciences is proud to continue this legacy and be part of EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme.”

— Jason T. Gammack, Co-founder and CEO of Resolve Biosciences

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