Alumni Relations

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EMBL Alumni Data Handling

The EMBL Alumni Relations programme is built to advance EMBL and the relevance of life science research in the scientific community and society at large.

The Alumni Relations Office works to meet these objectives by collecting and maintaining alumni data as a means of keeping EMBL and the community connected and engaged, and to produce measurable statistics. Alumni contribute to these objectives by providing and up-dating their personal and employment details, biography, skills and interests. This is of tremendous value to EMBL and its community – a value that is increasing with time as the community increases in size.

Alumni data is used by EMBL in three ways:

  • as statistics in EMBL publications and presentations
  • as contact lists for selecting experts for EMBL initiatives and events
  • as mailing lists for EMBL and EMBO news and information.

The Alumni Relations Office regularly reviews and up-dates alumni records. Alumni can also edit their own records through their online alumni profile. They can make themselves visible to the EMBL community or ask not be contacted by EMBL at all (minimal information is retained indefinitely as a historical record of EMBL’s former staff).

Detailed information on how we handle alumni data is available in the document Information for Data Subjects.

For further questions on any of the above, alumni should contact EMBL’s Head of Alumni Relations or EMBL Personal Data Protection Officer.