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EMBL in… Spain

4 November 2022, (CABD), Seville

Life scientists in Spain, EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and members of their networks are invited to EMBL in Spain 2022, to be held at the Centro Andaluz de Biologia del Desarrollo (CABD) in Seville.

8 October 2018, CBMSO, Madrid

More than 100 EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and networks gathered at the EMBL in Spain event held at CBMSO in Madrid on Monday 8 October 2018.
Organisers: José María Almendral, Lola Ledesma, Luis Menéndez-Arias

5 October 2016, CRG, Barcelona

Life scientists from across Spain were invited to the first joint EMBL-CRG alumni event “EMBL in Spain”, which aimed to share the science carried out by EMBL, CRG and their alumni, and to draw visibility to the resources available to this life science community.
Organisers: Fátima Gebauer, Mehrnoosh Rayner, Sarah Sherwood, Melania Tudor.

8 June 2012, cnic, Madrid

Alumni in Spain met with EMBL Director General, as well as representatives from the Spanish Ministry and the EU´s R&D Framework Programme to discuss funding, networking and the possibility of influencing science policy in Spain at a national and European level.
Organisers: Jose Luis de la Pompa, Maria dM Vivanco, Daniel Bachiller

28 November 2008, CNIO, Madrid

EMBL alumni in Spain and Portugal met at the Spanish National Cancer Research Institute (CNIO) for their fourth annual meeting. The programme included scientific talks by Ignacio Dolado, Robert Kypta and Fatima Gebauer, and an update on EMBL news from Christian Boulin.
Organisers: Guillermo Montoya and Angel Nebreda

7 September 2007, CIC bioGUNE, Derio (Bizkaia)

Alumni in Spain held their third annual meeting at CIC bioGUNE. The programme included scientific talks, a discussion on alumni resources and a guided trip to the Guggenheim museum followed by dinner.
Organisers: María del Mar Vivanco and Robert Kypta

29 September 2006, Polytechnic University of Valencia

More than 25 alumni currently living in Spain and Portugal met for their second annual meeting at the Polytechnic University of Valencia to discuss their latest research and alumni resources. Speakers included Alfonso Valencia, Maria dM Vivanco, Juan Valcárcel, Domingo Barettino, Jordi Bernués and Alberto Muñoz.
Organisers: Ramón Serrano and Angel Nebreda

7 October 2005, CRG, Barcelona

Nearly 30 EMBL alumni in Spain and Portugal met at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) to discuss their latest research activities, and to explore means to enrich their research environment through the alumni network. Economist and former minister for science and universities, Andreu Mas-Coleil, talked about the need for and benefits of basic research for knowledge-based economies, which was followed by a paella dinner.
Organiser: Juan Valcárcel