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EMBL in… Greece

26 November 2016, Ioannina

EMBL alumni attending the 2016 Panhellenic Conference (HSBMB) were invited to meet on Saturday 26 November for the Alumni Association-sponsored lecture by Jop Kind (John Kendrew Award winner). After the lecture, alumni had the opportunity to catch up with one another.
Programme for 2016 Panhellenic Conference

29 November 2014, Thessaloniki

EMBL alumni in Greece and their lab members were invited to a special short session dedicated to “EMBL, its alumni and Greece: Resources and Opportunities” that took place in the context and venue of the annual Congress of the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (HSBMB) on Saturday 29 November.

30 June-1 July 2012, Aspraggeloi and Dilofo

EMBL alumni in Greece met to exchange latest research, hear about EMBL infrastructure access projects such as P-CUBE and BioStruct-X, and to discuss how to reinforce relations between life scientists in Greece and EMBL.

26-27 June 2010, Dilofo, Ioannina

Fifteen EMBL alumni working in Greece gathered for their fourth annual meeting in the picturesque villages of Aspraggeloi and Dilofo. Along with 13 family members and ten postdocs from their research groups, the alumni enjoyed a sunny weekend discussing life and science in Greece.

13-15 June 2009, Dilofo, Ioannina

For the third year running, EMBL alumni in Greece met for a weekend break in Dilofo. The focus of their meeting was to further develop means of encouraging young people pursuing a career in science.

31 May – 1 June 2008, Dilofo, Ioannina

Twelve alumni and members of their families (26 people altogether) plus thirteen graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from the groups of several alumni enjoyed a sunny weekend whilst discussing science and life in Greece, at the second meeting of EMBL alumni in Greece.

21 – 22 April 2007, Dilofo, Ioannina

At their first meeting in Greece, seventeen EMBL alumni discussed ways to inspire young scientists in their country. In the beautiful setting of Dilofo, Ioannina, attendees gave short presentations on their current scientific work, and summarised their professional and personal lives since leaving EMBL.


Anastasia Politou
Assistant Professor
University of Ioannina
Medical School Laboratory of Biological Chemistry