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EMBL in… Germany

18-19 July 2014, EMBL Heidelberg

EMBL staff and alumni gathered for a two-day Anniversary Reunion that celebrated the achievements of and the people behind EMBL, as well as looked at EMBL’s impact worldwide with its growing network of alumni.

29 June 2013, EMBL Heidelberg

This year’s staff-alumni event at the EMBL summer party drew a large mixed crowd, from EMBL Pensioners and industry alumni to EMBL group leaders, pre- and postdocs. See who came and what the programme offered.


7 July 2012, EMBL Heidelberg

Over 50 alumni and staff attended the pre-Summer party event to see what and who’s new at EMBL and beyond. See who came to this and to the EMBL Summer party.

2 July 2011, EMBL Heidelberg

EMBLers past and present living in Germany and Switzerland met in the EMBL ATC Courtyard Seminar Room on the morning of the EMBL summer party for a relaxed and enjoyable mini science and networking event.

11 July 2009, EMBL Heidelberg

Alumni based in Germany met to catch up with old friends and present their career paths after leaving EMBL, with speakers from academia and industry giving a fascinating insight into future options and some valuable career development tips.

2 September 2007, ELSO Meeting, Dresden

EMBL staff and alumni took time out of the ELSO Meeting to discuss EMBL alumni services, EMBL news and the export of the EMBL culture. The discussion continued for many over dinner…

14th July 2007, EMBL Heidelberg

EMBL alumni in Germany, from former predocs to Unit Coordinators, met in Heidelberg during the Summer Party on 14 July to discuss their science and career paths after leaving EMBL. This, the first Local Chapter Meeting in Germany, provided staff and alumni the opportunity to share tips on life after EMBL and find out about potential collaborations.


Ciaran Behan
Course Resource, Heidelberg

Freddy Frischknecht
Group Leader
University of Heidelberg, Department of Parasitology Hygiene Institute

Claudia Koch-Brandt
Professor, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Institut für Biochemie

Mehrnoosh Rayner
Head of Alumni Relations, EMBL