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Alumni Relations

Meet and connect with the EMBL Community, find out how EMBL Resources can benefit you, Make a difference to EMBL with your time, expertise, networks or through giving

The EMBL Alumni Relations programme is built to advance EMBL and the relevance of life science research in the scientific community and society at large, by fostering connections between the laboratory, its member states, current EMBL staff, EMBL alumni, and the public.

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Alumni Team

EMBL Alumni Association elections 2005

It’s time to vote! Every few years, members of the EMBL Alumni Association are given the opportunity to elect representatives to the Association’s board. These alumni have been hard at work organising activities and initiatives to help support the network of nearly 1,000 association…

Alumni Team

To America and back … interview with Michael Boutros

After receiving his PhD from EMBL in 1999, EMBL alumnus Michael Boutros followed a road less traveled. He went to Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government to do a two-year masters degree in Public Administration. After that, he headed back to the bench, and in 2003 he returned to…


ELLS goes to Italy

In 2004, ELLS travelled south to forge sustainable links between teachers and research institutions in Italy. Our first port of call was Milan. The idea of organizing a course in Milan started to germinate about one year ago, when Maria Luisa Tenchini, an EMBL alumna who is a Genetics Professor in…

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