Wilmanns Group

Structure and function of molecular machinery for protein translocation across membranes

Fellow opportunities

Our group is participating in the 2022 EIPOD-LinC Fellowship Programme call for applications.

Collaborations that are relevant to the call are listed below. Please contact Matthias Wilmanns to discuss your project ideas.


  • Olivier Neyrolles, IPBS Toulouse, France: infection biology, toxin/antitoxin systems
  • Eirikur Steingrimmson, University of Iceland, Iceland: molecular building blocks, regulation and nuclear import of basic-HLH-Zipper transcription factors

Joining the group as a technology developer and engineer

Integrated structure and metabolomics platform for microbial targets

Supported by the ARISE program, deadline September 30, 2022

We aim to establish a multidisciplinary metabolomics/structure service platform for determination of metabolic mechanisms of specific drugs or prodrugs by different microorganisms, in collaboration with Michael Zimmermann, Structural & Computational Biology Unit, EMBL Heidelberg. The platform will include establishment of a pipeline for high resolution structures of selected protein-drug complexes in microorganisms, and in-vitro analysis of the enzymatic processing of specific drugs by microorganisms.

In case of further interest please contact:

Matthias Wilmanns, EMBL Hamburg

Michael Zimmermann, EMBL Heidelberg

Joining the group as postdoctoral fellow

Externally funded fellowships are publicly advertised. Please inquire on general opportunities by contacting Matthias Wilmanns.

Applicants for PhD positions

PhD applicants: Please apply through the EMBL International PhD Programme.

Joining the group as a Masters student or trainee

Masters students and trainees are expected for a minimum of 6 months.

For all applications please contact Matthias Wilmanns and attach your CV and a brief motivation letter of your research interests.