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New postdoctoral research opportunity available

(posted 29 November 2022)

Topic: Riboregulation of the circadian clock

In an exciting, interdisciplinary collaboration between EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany, and the Weizmann Institute for Science in Rehovot, Israel, we seek a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to explore the regulatory interface between chronobiology and the RNA-based regulation (riboregulation) of key elements of the mammalian clock.

This project will combine RNA biology, systems biology, mechanistic studies and bioinformatics. The successful candidate will receive >3 years of funding to work at both EMBL and the Weizmann under the mentorship of Prof. Matthias Hentze (EMBL) and Prof. Gad Asher (Weizmann).

Please contact us informally as soon as possible, because suitable candidates are expected to apply for the competitive EMBL EIPOD-LinC fellowship (https://www.embl.org/about/info/postdoctoral-programme/eipod-linc-exploring-life-in-context/eipod-linc-application/) by 18 January, 2023.

Informal inquiries to Matthias Hentze (hentze@embl.org) and Gad Asher (gad.asher@weizmann.ac.il) are welcome.

Information for applicants


Openings for one or two postdocs with an excellent track record exist in most years. It is important for postdocs to apply well in advance. When you apply, please provide the e-mail addresses of at least three scientists who can comment on your scientific qualifications.

It is also essential for postdocs to write a project proposal and to apply for postdoctoral fellowships. This should be done after a discussion of current topics of interest. Assistance in writing the proposal is given, including assistance through the EMBL grant service, but it is important that the project proposal reflects your ideas and interests.

There are many fellowships available depending on nationalities, research area and mobility criteria for which one may contact the EMBL grant services. A selection of them is

  • EMBO
  • HFSP
  • Marie Curie
  • Humboldt fellowship
  • Peter and Traudl Engelhorn fellowship
  • EMBL EIPOD and EIPOD-Linc fellowships 

Ph. D. students

All interested Ph.D. student applicants have to apply directly to the EMBL International Ph.D. Programme. Each year, there are two application deadlines and interview weeks.

The MMPU invites applications of interested PhD and MD postdoctoral candidates. Please contact Andreas Kulozik, the Co-Director of the MMPU (Andreas.Kulozik@med.uni-heidelberg.de).


  • Martina Muckenthaler, Heidelberg University (Iron metabolism: systems biology and human diseases)
  • Andreas Kulozik, Heidelberg University (RNA biology, hematological disorders and cancer)
  • Janosch Hennig, EMBL Heidelberg (structural biology of riboregulation)

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