Genetic & Viral Engineering Facility

Design and engineering of viral vectors and genetic constructs


We produce custom-made purified and quantitated viral stocks of a variety of types that are ready to be used for delivery of your cargo to the desired cell type.

Viral production


  • Vector capacity: 4Kb
  • Cargo integrates
  • Current serotypes in stock include, rAAV1, rAAV2, rAAV1/2 chimeric, rAAV2/8, rAAV2/9, rAAVPHP.S, rAAVPHP.EB, rAAV2-retro, rAAV7m8. Please let us know if you require another serotype and we will do what we can to obtain the necessary reagents. We typically provide at least 150μl of ≥1×1012 VG/ml but smaller or larger quantities can be provided at request.


  • Vector capacity: 8Kb
  • Cargo integrates
  • Currently make VSV-G due to its wide range of infectivity. Other envelope proteins could be offered if requested. Currently viruses are produced using the 3rd generation system but earlier systems can be used as well.

DNA constructs

  • Long ssDNA for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knock-in
  • Modification of DNA, precise to the base pair
  • Targeting construct to make a knock-in
  • Targeting construct to make a knock-out
  • Targeting construct to make a conditional knock-out
  • BAC transgenic constructs
  • General cloning, sub-cloning service.