Furlong Group

Genome regulation and chromatin topology during embryonic development

Fellow opportunities

Our group is participating in the 2022 EIPOD-LinC Fellowship Programme call for applications.

Collaborations that are relevant to the call are listed below. Please contact Eileen Furlong to discuss your project ideas.


  • Justin Crocker, EMBL Heidelberg: developmental phenotyping
  • Mounia Lagha, IGMM, France: live imaging of enhancer activity
  • Alexander Stark, IMP, Austria: enhancer logic, gene regulation
  • Oliver Stegle, EMBL Heidelberg: modelling single cell data and gene regulation
  • Fabian Theis, Helmholtz Munich, Germany: modelling single cell data
  • Alexander van Oudenaarden, Hubrecht, Netherlands: multi-omic single cell dissection of embryonic development
  • Judith Zaugg, EMBL Heidelberg: gene regulation