Alexandrov Team

Spatial and single-cell metabolomics


Imaging mass spectrometry

cpyMSpecHigh performance implementations shadowing pyMSpec
pyImagingMSpecPython library for handling imaging mass spectrometry data
pyimzMLA parser to read .imzML files with Python
pyMSpecPython library for mass spectrometry data
pySMPython library for metabolite annotation of imaging mass spectrometry
spatial-metabolomicsMetabolite annotation engine for imaging mass spectrometry developed in the framework of the EU H2020 project METASPACE

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

curatrWeb-app for selecting and exporting high quality tandem-ms reference spectra
OptimusWorkflow for feature detection, quantification, filtering, and annotation for LC-MS
OptimusViewerAn app for visualising LC-MS features


iliGoogle Chrome app for visualization of spatially mapped data in 2D and 3D