Alexandrov Team

Spatial and single-cell metabolomics

Fellow opportunities

The following collaborations from our lab provide opportunities for prospective postdoctoral fellows to conduct interdisciplinary research.
Please contact Theodore Alexandrov to discuss your project ideas. Applicants are encouraged to get in touch with additional suggestions of project directions.

Collaborations and topics

  • Mathias Heikenwaelder, DKFZ, Heidelbeg, Germany: cancer, NASH, single-cell
  • Erika Pearce, MPI, Freiburg, Germany: immunometabolism
  • Lars Steinmetz, Stanford University, USA,EMBL Heidleberg: single-cell omics, immunometabolism
  • Rainer Pepperkok, EMBL Heidelberg: single-cell microscopy
  • Julia Mahamid, EMBL Heidelberg: lipid droplets, subcellular imaging
EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Programme (EIPOD)