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New in the collection (July 2023)

An overview of selected new books in Szilárd Library, with a word from their authors, reviewers and publishers

The basics of molecular biology (Springer International Publishing 2023)

by Alexander Vologodskii

Accessible and comprehensive, this book describes the universal cellular nature of living organisms and is an indispensable tool for anyone in the sciences who wishes to get a quick overview of molecular biology. Special attention is paid to new areas rising from modern DNA sequencing technologies which transform science.

Research methods using R : advanced data analysis in the behavioural and biological sciences (Oxford University Press 2022)

By Daniel H. Baker

This title brings together coverage of a variety of topics for readers with basic statistical knowledge. Practice questions are presented at the end of each chapter with answer guidance supplied in the book. This book is accompanied by online resources including multiple-choice-questions with instant feedback, example code, and data files allowing students to run examples independently.

Principles of light microscopy: from basic to advanced ( Springer 2022)

Edited by Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

The book covers key microscopy principles and explains the various techniques such as epifluorescence microscopy, confocal/live cell imaging, SIM/light sheet microscopy, and many more. Easy-to-understand protocols provide helpful guidance for practical implementation in various commercially available imaging systems.

Chapel and Haeney's essentials of clinical immunology (Wiley-Blackwell 2022)

By Siraj Misbah, Gavin Spickett, and Virgil A.S.H. Dalm

The fully updated new edition of the classic textbook, introducing the pathophysiology and management of immunological disorders Chapel and Haeney’s Essentials of Clinical Immunology contains new and revised sections that examine current research trends, the implementation of automation in laboratories, the emerging field of neuro-psychiatric disorders such as NMDA receptor encephalitis and more.

Open scientist handbook (New Media Research Institute 2021)

By Bruce R. Caron

The Open Scientist Handbook is designed to give any scientist on the planet the know-how and tools to become an effect open science culture change agent at your job, in your professional organizations and collegial associations.

Comprehensive men's mental health (Cambridge University Press, 2021)

Edited by David Castle and David Coghill

This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date and evidence-based review of men’s mental health. It starts by considering the developmental context and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder and schizophrenia, development of the male brain and implications for mental health in males.

Medical genetics (Elsevier 2020)

By Lynn B. Jorde, John C. Carey, and Michael J. Barnshad

Up to date and extensively revised 6th Edition reflects recent advances in the genetics of common diseases, as well as current progress in gene therapy. This accessible, practical text integrates key concepts with clinical practice, highlighted by numerous illustrations, tables, and concept summaries.