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Journal-independent peer review of preprints

Ask me anything on October 21, 16:00-16:30

Scientific progress depends on the efficient sharing of reliable research findings. Maintaining the quality and the reproducibility of globally shared data will be the condition sine qua non for the success of open science. As we transition towards the open sharing of research data, it will therefore be crucial to integrate the peer-review process with the emerging open science infrastructure. While sharing data is of crucial importance, enabling early and unrestricted access to scientific findings is equally important. In this context, the success of preprint servers (bioRxiv and medRxiv for example) in the life science has been one of the major advances in the adoption of open science by the biomedical community.


In this session, we will discuss the importance, challenges and opportunities that preprints offer to implement open science in biomedical fields. We will furthermore introduce a recent initiative from EMBO (embo.org), Review Commons, a new peer review platform which is tightly integrated with bioRxiv and medRxivReview Commons runs a journal-independent peer review process that is focused on science. Review Commons offers authors the possibility to post the reviews alongside a preprint, thus accelerating the transparent dissemination of peer reviewed research. Furthermore, authors benefit from a highly portable peer review process and can transfer their reviewed manuscript to one of 17 affiliate journals, all of which have agreed not to repeat the review process de novo. This process allows to effectively eliminate repeated cycles of peer review and thus significantly improves the global efficiency of the process.

The floor will then be open to any questions related to peer review, scientific publishing and preprints.

Join this workshop on October 21, 16:00-16:30 presented by Thomas Lemberger (EMBO Press) and Sara Monaco (Review  Commons).

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