Szilárd Library

Access to scientific literature and resources

Mission, Tasks and Services

The Szilárd Library (“library”) is the research library of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). The library supports and enables EMBL’s research and training in the life sciences through its services, collections, expertise and facilities. By providing access to information resources, fostering Open Science and Open Access, the library actively supports the scientific user community throughout the whole research and publishing lifecycle. The library is understood to comprise both the premises and the library holdings (physical and digital) as well as the information services provided, made available and maintained by library staff.

The library is a publicly accessible library and it does not pursue any direct or indirect commercial purposes. The library provides information, materials and literature for all EMBL staff, both scientific and non-scientific, at all EMBL sites. It primarily serves the needs of research, teaching and study in addition to other scientific and non-scientific purposes, education and training.

In line with these terms of use, the primary tasks of the library are among others:

1. to make all forms of published information (media), which it either owns itself or to which it can grant access, available for use both on its premises or as remote access in the EMBL network,

2. to lend media for use outside the library,

3. to procure media not available at its premises through loans from other libraries,

4. to organise and provide information based on its catalogues and media or to obtain (research) information from databases,

5. to provide advice on and training in how to use the library, the services it offers and its technical facilities,

6. to carry out public relations work,

7. to provide services, advice and training in accordance with the EMBL internal policies in the field of scientific publishing, open access and open science for EMBL members, including advice on licensing and copyright as well as the administration of prepayment schemes,

8. to provide publication management such as maintenance of records of publications of EMBL members of personnel,

9. to provide access to the library facilities, especially the reading room, the open shelf books and journals, the printer room and workplaces.

These Terms of Use shall constitute the legal basis under which the use of the library is permitted. Any additional guidance documents or information provided by the library at EMBL shall form an integral part of these terms of use and shall be respected accordingly.