Postdoctoral Programme

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Active EIPOD4 Fellows

2019 Cohort

NameProject Title
Lucia ÁlvarezStructural basis of TRIM25 and RIPLET mediated antiviral response
Richard BailleulDeciphering mechanical drivers of morphological diversity in early animal development
Dorian BattivelliDynamic integration of space and social status in the mammalian hypothalamus
Marianne BeckwithThe quantitative membrane curvature landscape of migrating cells
Jan BlahaLiving cells: Crystallization chambers for serial synchrotron crystallography
Lenka CernikovaStructural investigation of clathrin coated vesicles and nuclepore complexes in early diverged eukaryota for understanding the evolutionary origins of compartmentalization
Annique ClaringbouldZooming in from data to targets: predicting, prioritising and pinpointing the role of enhancers and transcription factors in gene regulation of autoimmune diseases
Marco Raffaele CosenzaBridging imaging and genomics to dissect chromosome instability processes
Wioleta DudkaDynamics of lipid fluxes – lipid droplet molecular structure, composition and intercellular exchange
Edoardo D’ImprimaIn-cell structural biology of tumor onset by multi-scale cryo-electron tomography
Katharina JungnickelVesicular acetylcholine transporter – a new target for insecticides
Marzia MunafoThe role of inherited chromatin marks in genome regulation and transposon control
Vibha PatilUnderstanding the functional consequences of mitochondrial DNA methylation during cellular development
Melinda PerkinsEngineering a synthetic platform to study the dynamics of transcriptional repression in genetic networks
Michal RazewStructural studies of human integrator complex
Ali SelitUncovering the genetic basis of developmental plasticity utilising a medaka in-bred panel
Kaushikaram SubramanianRole of tissue mechanics in muscle-mediated 3D morphogenesis
Carlos VoogdtUncovering the impact of microbiome-drug interactions on human cells
Daniel ZiemianowiczMultiscale integrative modeling of nucleocytoplasmic transport during late-stage influenza A virus infection

2020 Cohort

NameProject Title
Teresa Maria CarusoneUnderstanding molecular mechanisms of MAGE-D1, a gene strongly implicated in neurological disorders, by structural-functional studies
Thomas DahletExploring the structure and function of the chromatin remodeler ATRX during human neurodevelopment
Hannah FleckensteinStudying cerebral malaria pathogenesis by correlative multimodal volume imaging in 3D brain vascular models
Natália FontanaMyomesin: an integrative approach to study elastic molecular properties
Lautaro GandaraRevealing the impact of environmental toxins on metabolism and behavior of drosophila with high-throughput genetic perturbations and single-embryo metabolomics
Olivier GeminAdvancing cryo-electron microscopy to visualize biomolecular systems in motion
Tobias GerberDetermining hotspots of cellular adaptation in Platynereis dumerilii
Matt GovendirA sticky situation: the role of microvessel heterogeneity on erythrocyte sequestration and fluid dynamics in cerebral malaria
Jennifer HeckSecondary profession: transcription factor. How voltage-gated calcium channels orchestrate genetic programs associated with physiological and patholocial neurodevelopment
Simone HöflerDynamics and structural implications of RNA modifications in long non-coding RNAs
Kirill KovalevThe search for new rhodopsins: sequence/structure-based bioinformatic search and time-resolved crystallography
Joana Mendonça da SilvaControlling morphogenesis – development of a novel high-throughput microfluidic device to control bi-axial gradients in multicellular systems
Siddarth NarasimhanUnraveling the architecture of human rRNA synthesis in near-native environments and controlled reconstituted systems
Idoia Quintana UrzainquiOrigin and evolution of the telencephalon and indirect neurogenesis
Hiral ShahMitotic nuclear reorganization during ichthyosporean development
Marc SiggelIntegrative modelling and multi-scale simulation of complex membrane structures derived from cryo-electron tomography
Veronica ZampieriTowards improved clinical outcomes in solid organ transplants through an integrative analysis of alloantibody-HLA complexes
Min ZhangUnderstanding the molecular interplay of transcription factors and chromatin remodellers in shaping the enhancer/promoter chromatin landscape

2021 Cohort

NameProject Title
Basilia AcurzioIn vivo study of the epigenetic regulation of mono-allelic and mono-genic expression of olfactory receptor genes
Mariia BaliaevaIdentification and characterization of the biochemical pathways of steroid metabolism in environmental and human associated bacteria
Sapna ChhabraTemperature effects on Medaka embryos – robustness and limits of development
Kai FenzlThe impact of intrinsically disordered protein regions on disease associated aberrant protein localization and aggregation
Jaroslav FerencDeciphering the metabolic regulation of species-specific developmental modes
Davide FlorisCharting the molecular foundation of melanogenesis in malignant melanoma
Pamela GuruciagaTheory of boundary-driven epithelial organization
Gretel KammRepresentation of PGE2-triggered sickness in the insular cortex
Emma KneussThe molecular mechanisms of X-inactivation in pre-implantation mouse embryos
Jia Hui LiEngineering fate: deciphering the role of cell surface mechanics in cell specification using 2D and 3D differentiation models
Kristy OuGene regulatory networks in drug resistant, chemo-refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Prasanna PadmanabanHierarchically engineered anastomosable tissues (HEAT)
Dimitrios PapagiannidisUnraveling the receptor-ligand landscape of human gut microbial species
Eva PillaiDeciphering the molecular origins of biological stiffness
Jan RomboutsMechanical determinants of segmentation clock dynamics
Jorge TrojanowskiLinking the activation of clustered gene loci to local injury of engineered cardiac microvasculature by a novel multiplex imaging method
Kurt WeirThe genomic landscape underlying the segmentation clock
Georg WolffTowards a structural and functional understanding of the mitoribosomal translation and RNA-editing processes in situ