Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit

The MMPU is a joint venture between the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

Cancer Early Detection

Peer Bork and Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz

MMPU Group 2006 – 2020

Project Summary

Molecular Pathogenesis of Colorectal Cancer and Development of Novel Approaches for Early Detection, Diagnosis and Prevention

This MMPU team, comprising of a computational biology and a clinical group, aims at utilizing novel, large-scale data by innovative computational approaches in tight conjunction with preclinical and clinical research to translate basic scientific concepts into clinically relevant modalities for cancer diagnostics, prevention, or treatment. The major aim is to achieve true practical relevance by most efficient ways to develop basic research into new globally accepted clinical paradigms.

The research structure of the team is designed to foster innovation in molecular medicine by iterating between ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ experiments in longer lasting research themes. This synergy is used to identify key events responsible for the very first steps of cancer transformation, to identify model cancer types for clinical proof of principle, and to channel newly established modalities into the health care system, all in the context of this MMPU team.


Cancer is a disease, which is caused by genomic instability and accumulation of mutations. One specific subtype of cancers is caused by DNA mismatch repair deficiency. These tumors are characterized by an excessive mutational load, particularly at regions harboring repetitive DNA sequences (microsatellite instability, MSI). Mutations of coding microsatellites results in the translation of proteins with mutation-induced frameshift peptides (neoantigens) rendering MSI cancers highly immunogenic. MSI cancers express a defined set of shared neoantigens resulting from functionally relevant driver mutations. Patients with MSI cancers and individuals affected by Lynch syndrome, an inherited predisposition for MSI cancers, develop specific immune responses against these neoantigens.


The main goal of the project is the development of novel approaches for early detection, diagnosis and prevention using state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools for the prediction of novel target structures.

Research Focus 1: Identification and utilization of novel target genes 

Utilization of neo-antigens in cancers caused by deficient DNA mismatch repair mechanisms resulting from the accumulation of mutations particularly in repetitive sequence elements (microsatellite-unstable or MSI-H cancers). These tumors constitute a substantial part of colorectal cancers, but also a wide variety of cancers outside the colorectum. Due to the excessive number of genetic alterations and the predictability of resulting neo-antigens, MSI-H cancers are an ideal cancer type for developing immune intervention and prevention strategies against cancer and for evaluating them in the clinical setting.

Our MMPU group has pioneered research on the immune biology of MSI cancers for many years. In immunological studies we identified several frameshift derived immunogenic peptides and subsequently showed that MSI tumor cells can be lysed in vitro by cytotoxic T-cells in a peptide specific manner. A Phase I/II study has been successfully completed, demonstrating that vaccination with MSI-specific frameshift peptide neoantigens in patients with MSI colorectal cancer of stage III and IV consistently induces specific T cell-based and humoral immune responses.

Research Focus 2: The microbiome for cancer diagnosis and treatment

Utilization of changed microbial communities as biomarkers for early stages of cancer and possibly as targets for potential treatment. The group has been involved in major breakthroughs in microbiomics and is actively pursuing gut microbiome biomarker validation for colorectal cancer. The concept is being broadened to include oral samples and to also involve other cancers.

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