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Creating synergies between EMBL and Stanford’s research communities

The Life Science Alliance is a non-profit inter-institutional alliance between EMBL and Stanford University, uniting world leading researchers from both institutions to advance transformative technologies and accelerate biomedical research.


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Meet our Members: Gautam Dey

Despite the pandemic challenges in launching a new lab, Gautam highlights how the Alliance aids in reconnecting with his academic roots from Stanford University. Welcoming a new Bridging Excellence Fellow, the Dey lab launches the next phase of transatlantic collaborations.

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AI in Healthcare Symposium October 2020

The Life Science Alliance and the MOLIT Institute in Heilbronn presented their first joint event! Attended by over 150 participants, the symposium brought together researchers from across the globe to address the promises and challenges of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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Meet our Director: Lars Steinmetz

With his joint position as a Senior Scientist in the Genome Biology Unit at EMBL and Professor of Genetics at Stanford, Lars is the primary link between the two institutions. Hear more about the benefits of transatlantic collaborations.