Neurodiversity at Work: Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Virtual Talk

Neurodiversity at Work: Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace

Kaemorine Prendergast

Sea-Change Consultancy


This webinar will provide delegates with a better understanding of neurodiversity (what is it), as well as provide insights into some of the strengths of neurodiverse thinkers; and how this shows up in the workplace. The webinar will also provide a brief overview of how to create an inclusive work environment to support neurodiverse colleagues.


Sea-Change Consultancy are a unique consultancy dedicated to delivering innovative, evidence based, individual, group and organisation wide interventions adapted for your specific context which will deliver your equality, diversity and inclusion aims. Our approach is inclusive, engaging staff at appropriate levels throughout the organisation. We do this through our expertise in equalities, academic scholarship, and a track record of using action orientated methodologies that enable organisations to make a difference. Our combination of experience and scholarship is unique and includes amongst others:

We focus on pragmatic solutions which meet your requirements. We also aim to add value, enhance your capabilities, and inform your organisation’s strategic direction.

Date: 24 Nov 2021

Location: Virtual

Time: 2:00 pm