From Able-bodied to Something Else – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Virtual Talk

From Able-bodied to Something Else

Dr Erin Tranfield

Electron Microscopy Facility Head @Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência


In 2017 I fell from a horse and crushed 3 portions of my spine. In that moment I went from an active person to a person who struggles with daily life. This talk will be about my journey of recovery and reinvention as I learn to accept my new title of “disabled person”.


Erin Tranfield has a PhD in dust toxicology and human health. After post-docs at NASA and EMBL, she moved to Portugal in 2013 to set up and run an electron microscopy (EM) facility at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Today her and her dedicated team provide EM services for every major institute in the Lisbon area. Erin is currently the President of the Portuguese Microscopy Society and she is coming to terms with her status as a disabled person after a sports accident.  

Date: 7 Dec 2021

Location: Virtual

Time: 3:00 pm