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Liquid Biopsies


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Course Overview

Liquid biopsies have the advantage of being largely non-invasive and providing a vast amount of information for the detection and monitoring of diseases such as cancer. This course will provide hands-on experience in the several techniques to detect and analyse circulating tumor cells (CTCs), cell free tumor DNA (ctDNA), cell free tumor RNA (ctRNA) and proteins. Participants will have the opportunity to learn all aspects ranging from proper sampling through error free sequencing to data analysis. Lectures will also cover extracellular vesicles and clinical aspects using liquid biopsies, especially in the field of cancer diagnostics.


This course targets young scientists entering the field of liquid biopsy analysis and wanting to learn about the benefits and limitations of different approaches.


  • Hands-on experience on ultra-sensitive mutation detection using sequencing
  • Applications of digital PCR to the liquid biopsy workflow
  • Protein analysis in liquid biopsies
  • miRNA analysis in liquid biopsies
  • Data analysis and interpretations

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn about the complete workflow in liquid biopsies, from sample preparation to data analysis and gain an overview of the current methods. Best practices, pitfalls as well as dos and don’ts will be discussed. After the course, participants should be able to assess the best methods for their application as well as design their experiments.

What past participants say about the course:

“The Liquid Biopsy course gave me plenty of new insights for different applications of the technique in cancer. I learned new techniques, discussed my project with top peers and met a lot of highly motivated young professionals. I incorporated the learned applications in my research and this really improved my current project.” – Aleksei Tikhonov, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, RAS, Russian Federation 


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Date: 8 - 15 Oct 2021

Location: Virtual

Contact: Maria Bacadare

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