Alumni Relations

Meet and connect with the EMBL Community, find out how EMBL Resources can benefit you, Make a difference to EMBL with your time, expertise, networks or through giving

Evidence EMBL’s impact

As those who have lived and breathed EMBL, our alumni are our most powerful ambassadors, and their stories – and advocacy – can have a significant impact.

Share outcomes of your work

Tell us how your research at EMBL has translated into impactful science, either in academia or industry.

Contribute archive materials

The EMBL Archive captures and records archival material from across EMBL’s sites and activities, documenting EMBL’s historical impact. Find out how you can contribute: https://www.embl.org/about/info/archive/ 

Offer a testimonial

Help us communicate the value of EMBL and its mission. Share why EMBL is important to you and the life science community in your country.

Advocate for EMBL

Your voice can make all the difference in conveying the true power and impact of EMBL and its research as we continue to seek funding and the best scientists.


If you would like to find out more about any of these initiatives or wish to take part, please contact Alumni Relations Officer Tom Furnival-Adams.