Italian Spring

Pink blooming tree in front of functional building.
Blooming plum tree at EMBL Rome. Credit: Lucas Boldrini/EMBL

The weather is getting warmer and spring is arriving at EMBL’s six sites across Europe. EMBL’s site in Monterotondo, near Rome, has recently been blessed with blue skies and sunshine, leading to trees blooming early on campus, including this beautiful plum tree.

Current research at EMBL Rome connects experts studying the control of gene expression with those examining sensory processing and behavioural control. The common theme explored in numerous projects across the site is how changes in gene expression and brain plasticity enable organisms to adapt to their environment. The researchers not only work closely together with the other EMBL sites but also have collaborations with other major Italian research centres, including the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

This picture was taken before the latest lockdown in Italy.

Credit: Lucas Boldrini/EMBL

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