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Building networks: engineering in vascular biology


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Conference Overview

Blood vessels arise during early development and are essential for the formation and maintenance of larger tissues and organs. The vascular system regulates exchange of oxygen, nutrients, toxins and immune cells — the dysfunction of which can cause pathologies, as well as be consequent to the later stages of disease. Classical mouse models, genetics and histology, have provided significant knowledge to the field of vascular biology, in addition to recent advancements in diverse imaging modalities, single-cell approaches and computational modelling. Yet, there remain many open questions surrounding human vascular development and disease. Blood vessels present numerous research challenges due to their complex 3D geometry, and a strong coupling between biology and mechanics. Cutting-edge microfluidic and tissue engineering technologies offer a higher degree of control over design, system perturbations and characterisation. These advances also hold great promise for the development of relevant preclinical models, personalized and regenerative medicine.

With the emergence and consolidation of these technologies, we bring together vascular biologists and bioengineering researchers from across Europe and beyond, who are pioneering these new tools towards understanding vascular biology in health and disease.

Session Topics

  • Developmental vascular biology
  • Lymphatics
  • Signalling and angiogenesis
  • Mechano-vascular biology
  • Vascular infection and integrity
  • Vascular oncology
  • Aging in vascular biology
  • Cardiovascular development and disease


Keynote Speakers

Roger Kamm

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Ralf Adams

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine


Anna Bigas

Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute


Maike Frye

University Medical Center Hamburg


Jessie Jeon

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

South Korea

Scientific Organisers

Conference Organiser


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Date: 9 - 11 May 2022

Location: EMBL Barcelona


  • Katie Bentley
    The Francis Crick Institute, UK
    • Maria Bernabeu
      EMBL Barcelona, Spain

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