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Alumni Relations

Meet and connect with the EMBL Community, find out how EMBL Resources can benefit you, Make a difference to EMBL with your time, expertise, networks or through giving

The EMBL Alumni Relations programme is built to advance EMBL and the relevance of life science research in the scientific community and society at large, by fostering connections between the laboratory, its member states, current EMBL staff, EMBL alumni, and the public.

Alumni News


A hidden medal

We all like a story about rediscovering treasures, right? Well, that’s just what happened recently at EMBL Grenoble!

Alumni Team

CEADS – Central Europe Alumni Directors Summit, 2021

The 9th meeting of Advancement Directors working in Central Europe will be held via ZOOM on Monday 21 June 2020 from 14:00-16:00 and on Tuesday 22 June 2021 from 10:00-12:00 hrs. Who should attend? Heads of Advancement based at universities and institutes across Europe. Organisers: Mehrnoosh…

Tom Furnival-Adams

The Value of Basic Research

Would Einstein have received funding? In an era of 24/7 news and polarisation, politicians and policymakers are under pressure to deliver instant results, while the most innovative and disruptive scientists are fighting to attract funding. How, then, do we persuade leaders and funders of the value…

Alumni Team

Spotlight on Angus Lamond

Supporting EMBL and fundamental research Angus Lamond, former EMBL Heidelberg Group Leader and Senior Scientist (1987-1995) is a fine example of the way in which EMBL alumni help to galvanise the community through their own passion for EMBL and life sciences. Having been involved in the EMBL Alumni…

Tom Furnival-Adams

2020: EMBL alumni impact

2020 was a memorable and challenging year in ways none of us expected, but it was a year that brought fresh opportunities and new ways of thinking at EMBL too. Despite the uncertain landscape, more than 180 alumni generously gave back to EMBL by providing career support, written content, and by…

Alumni Team

5,000th Alumni member

While the EMBL alumni community is made up of nearly 10,000 former staff, only those registered with the EMBL Alumni Association (EAA) can make full use of the benefits, event invitations and news updates available to former staff. December 2020 represented a major milestone in the growth of this…

Alumni Team

Boosting the life sciences through alumni networks

EMBL is supporting other life science institutes in establishing alumni relations and nurturing their own networks Although many life science institutes have begun to engage their alumni in recent years, many more are not yet aware of the potential of investing in their alumni communities. The…

Tom Furnival-Adams

Edith Heard previews EMBL’s future directions

EMBL Director General Edith Heard gave alumni around the world an insight into EMBL’s future directions as they celebrated EMBL World Alumni Day 2020 in July. Approximately 150 former and current staff members joined the annual event, which this year took place online. During World Alumni…

Alumni Team

EMBL alumni tackling environmental challenges

EMBL alumni tackling environmental challenges EMBL World Alumni Day 2020 takes place virtually on Friday 17 July, and we look forward to hearing from EMBL Director General Edith Heard about EMBL’s future research directions and the newly launched Environmental Research Initiative from…

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