EMBL Barcelona history

EMBL Barcelona is the newest site of EMBL.

December 2020 - Miki Ebisuya receives ERC Consolidator Grant.

September 2020 - Maria Bernabeu receives ERC Starting Grant.

October 2019 - Group Leaders Kristina Haase and Maria Bernabeu join EMBL Barcelona.

October 2018 - EMBL Barcelona Inauguration Symposium.

August 2018 - Group Leader Vikas Trivedi joins EMBL Barcelona. Jim Swoger becomes the head of the Mesoscopic Imaging Facility (MIF).

July 2018 - Group Leader Miki Ebisuya joins EMBL Barcelona.

November 2017 - EMBL Barcelona co-organises its first conference, part of the Barcelona BioMed Conference Series.

May 2017 - James Sharpe is appointed Head of EMBL Barcelona.

April 2017 - An agreement between Spain and EMBL on the establishment of a new outstation in Barcelona is signed. Read the full text of the agreement in English and in Spanish.

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Scientists at EMBL Barcelona explore how tissues and organs function and develop, in health and disease. Alongside cutting-edge research, the site hosts state-of-the-art imaging facilities, enabling scientists worldwide to access microscopy and modelling technologies specifically designed for studying tissues.