Opportunities for national institutions to benefit from the EMBL model

Partnerships were inspired by the desire of member states to make sure that EMBL’s research strategy and operational model are implemented on the national level. They comprise not only an inter-institutional research initiative, but also serve to secure better integration and participation of national scientific communities into EMBL’s activities.

logo of EMBL Australia Partnership Laboratory

EMBL Australia Partnership Laboratory

Research groups across Australia are linked through the EMBL partnership model. The scientific programme builds on EMBL’s activities in systems biology and capitalises on the strengths of Australian life and health sciences.

logo of HCEMM

HCEMM-EMBL partnership for molecular medicine

HCEMM is the Hungarian Centre of Excellence for Molecular Medicine. This partnership focusses on cancer, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases especially affecting older generations, thereby providing a bridge from fundamental to translational research.

logo of Nordic EMBL partnership

Nordic EMBL partnership for molecular medicine

The Nordic EMBL Partnership is a major strategic player in Europe’s molecular understanding of disease mechanisms, thanks to its complementary research expertise, outstanding research infrastructures and industry collaborations.

logo of Michael Sars Centre

Michael Sars Centre

The partnership between EMBL and the Michael Sars Centre realises the potential for uniting the institutes’ complementary strengths in order to facilitate scientific exchange and collaboration in the field of marine molecular biology.

logo of VU LSC

VU LSC-EMBL Partnership for Genome Editing Technologies

EMBL and VU LSC, recognising the scientific and technological potential of uniting their complementary strengths in the field of targeted genome modification, decided to intensify existing links and build further institutional synergies by creating the Partnership for Genome Editing Technologies.

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Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) build on and establish new collaborative links.