Local partnerships beta

Partnerships with institutions on or near EMBL campus sites

These partnerships, which emerged from the recognised benefits of sharing infrastructure and equipment, stimulate close collaboration between stakeholders, and ease coordination of activities taking place within the joint unit.

PSB logo

Structural Biology

The Partnership for Structural Biology, based at EMBL's Grenoble site, provides common technical platforms for state-of-the-art structural biology projects. Partners coordinate scientific activities and drive the development of new instruments and methods.

DESY logo

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron

The Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) on the DESY campus in Hamburg hosts top-notch research activities in structural biology, systems biology and infection biology.

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Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit

The MMPU brings EMBL together with the University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. The unit has more than 100 internationally recruited members, divided into seven research groups whose research themes address diseases from blood disorders to cancers.

Wellcome Sanger Institute logo

Wellcome Sanger Institute

This charitably funded genomic research centre focusses on understanding the role of genetics in health and disease, and seeks to uncover the basis of genetic and infectious disease. The institute shares a campus in Hinxton, UK, with EMBL-EBI.

CRG logo

Centre for Genomic Regulation

At EMBL's Barcelona site, the CRG unit is investigating systems biology, to further understand key aspects of biology relevant to human health.




EMBL’s site in Spain specialises in tissue biology and disease modelling


Located on the EPN science campus, EMBL’s site in France is a centre for structural biology studies


Research in structural biology benefits from the powerful accelerator facilities on Hamburg’s DESY campus


EMBL’s headquarters and host to five research units and scientific core facilities


EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute uses its comprehensive data resources to enable discoveries worldwide


EMBL’s site in Italy is a centre for research in epigenetics and neurobiology

Remote Partnerships

EMBL institutional partnerships are close cooperative affiliations between EMBL and external institutions of comparable standard, vision and international orientation.