27 November 2023 Photo of two people brainstorming at the table covered with several papers and images related to the research project, such as the structure of the molecule, a map with the Solar Lake marked, photo of EMBL Hamburg, photo of Garo Antranikian looking into a microscope, pages of the manuscript, data graphs, and more.

Hamburg collaboration paves the way to cleaner technologies for industry

Science An interdisciplinary collaboration between Hamburg scientists has yielded new insights into the structure and function of a heat-resistant enzyme from an exotic microbe. In this interview, EMBL Hamburg’s Matthias Wilmanns and TUHH’s Garo Antranikian discuss how their collaboration developed and…



4 March 2010

Bacterial balance that keeps us healthy

Science The thousands of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that live in our gut are essential contributors to our good health. They break down toxins, manufacture some vitamins and essential amino acids, and form a barrier against invaders. A study published today in Nature shows that, at 3.3 million,…



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