EMBL Lab Day 2019

EMBL Lab Day 2019 filled the ATC with art and games

Lab day 2019
Lab Day 2019. PHOTO: Fabian Oswald/EMBL

On 19 July, the EMBL Advanced Training Centre was turned into a gallery of vividly decorated booths, games and creative posters, all made by EMBL groups and teams. Visitors could venture into an escape room, test their knowledge about EMBL’s member states, or search for glowing nematode worms under the microscope.

stencilling workshop
Welcome to EMBL Lab Day! Start it by creating some art at the stencilling workshop… PHOTO: Doreen Feike/EMBL
Word challenge
…then go for a literary challenge. PHOTO: Fabian Oswald/EMBL
Win a game of EMBLEMopoly… PHOTO: Fabian Oswald/EMBL
Shooting gallery
…then visit the shooting gallery… PHOTO: Jodie Haigh/EMBL
Nerf gun
…and show off your skills with the Nerf gun! PHOTO: Fabian Oswald/EMBL
nobel prize
Want to aim higher? Win a Nobel prize… PHOTO: Fabian Oswald/EMBL
Leptin shack
…and celebrate it at The Leptin Shack! PHOTO: Fabian Oswald/EMBL
Finally, relax, go for a walk, and admire all the great posters. PHOTO: Jodie Haigh/EMBL

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