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Microdissector Leica LMD7000

Location: Room 53

System Specifications

  • Upright fluorescence microscope system combined with a Laser Microdissector
  • Five color excitation filters
  • Suitable for fluorophores from DAPI to Far Red and transmitted image (Brightfield and Phase Contrast).
  • Colored digital camera CD310 (1.3 megapixel)
  • Black and White digital camera CD345
  • Suitable as a laser microdissector for cells and tissue (UV laser).
  • Suitable for imaging fixed specimen (no environmental chamber).


Leica DMI 6000 CS AFC Bino inverted microscope with motorized XY-stage


6.3x0.13For Microdissection  
10x0.3HC PL FluotarDry– / 0.17
20x0.4HCX PL FluotarDryCorrection
40x0.6HCX PL FluotarDryCorrection
63x1.25HC PL ApoOil0.17
100x1.32HC PL ApoOil0.17

Fluorescent source

Leica EL6000External light source for fluorescence excitation (alignment-free, mercury metal halide bulb with an extremely long lifetime of more than 2000 hours)

Fluorescence filter sets

NameExcitation filterEmission filterDichroic
ABP 340 – 380 nmLP 430 nm400 nm
CFPBP 436/20 nmLP 515 nm455 nm
L5BP 480 – 656 nmLP 590 nm580 nm
YFPBP 500/20 nmBP 535/30  nm515 nm
N2.1BP 515 – 560 nmLP 590 nm580 nm
N3BP 546-12BP 600/40565
Y5BP 620/60 nmBP 700/75  nm660 nm
LMDCombined for Microdissection 


Leica AF6000 64bit Z control and SW Autofocus, multichannel acquisition, stitching. Leica Microdissection software


  • Leica DFC345 FX C mount 0.55 x HC
  • Leica DFC 450 C mount 0.55 x HC. CCD 2/3″ da 2560×1920 pixel

Power up and down procedure

  • Please contact Alvaro Crevenna to schedule a session
  • Report problems on the Log file

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